We turn your ideas into products

About us

Web & Mobile Apps for enterprises

We develop web and mobile applications that amaze customers and employees. We offer the conception, the technical implementation and the long-term operation.


High-performance App-like UIs for the Responsive Web.


Native UIs that meet user expectations.


Connect your data to services and APIs around the world.


We keep your application running even at peak times.



We create your product for you.

On the basis of your ideas we develop your product together. With the support of our agile methods we make sure that you get the right product.

We not only take care of the development, but also the operation of your application. So that you benefit from your application continuously.

" With SourceAmp you have a common goal. I barely had to give any input to the design and the implementation was fast and even exceeded my expectations. "

— Nils Kehrberg, MOTIVAKTIV


We develop our applications with powerful technologies.

Developers, customers and users love them.


React is our framework of choice for developing powerful web interfaces. We use TypeScript and unit tests.

React Native

With React Native we create native user interfaces for Android and iOS that create a familiar look and feel on both systems.


With the backend framework Laravel we can process your data in a secure and robust way with an elegant and modern syntax.


We use AWS for hosting and deployment. With the serverless architecture you keep your costs low and have no loss of performance even at peak times.

Meet the founder
Ludger Ey

Ludger Ey


Ludger is a result-oriented developer who became an entrepreneur. With experience he designs user interfaces, programs in the entire stack and finds effective solutions for customers and their users.

Our goals

We are interested in lasting success for everyone.

Long-term partnerships

Develop and operate applications with long runtimes together.


Our success will be measured by the success of the products we create.

Sustainable enterprises

We support sustainable organizations that give something back to society.

Reach out

You would like to realize an application with us? We look forward to first doing a non-binding workshop with you. We are active in Germany and other European countries.